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Green Internet Purposes

(1) To promote an enjoyable Internet experience by promoting rapid loading web pages.

(2) To promote global energy savings by lessening bandwidth.

(3) To promote safe and stable websites through the elimination of unnecessary and potentially dangerous scripts.

(4) To promote website designs that are of a positive nature.

(5) To establish definitions of what classifies a website as green.

(6) To recognize and promote webmasters who care to better the Internet and the world.

(7) To keep the greening of the Internet a free not-for-profit social goal.

Be geeky! Be cool!

Webmasters are encouraged to copy the following code to their web pages. Please feel free to alter the fonts and layout as desired. If the webmaster wishes for his/her site to be certified, please email us through the contact page. We will list links on this website to all certified green websites.

Certified green:

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View the Green Internet Updates page.

View the Certified Green Websites page.

Green-Internet graphics for webmasters can be found at the Green Internet page on The Logics site.

Green Internet

This site does not use graphics. Graphics are good and useful, and graphics are often a necessity, but graphics can be omitted when there is not a need for graphics. Please think of the visitors to your website; please use graphics in moderation.

The three grades of green:

green :

(1) The web page does not use, play, embed, nor make visible an audio or video file. A link to a video or audio file is acceptable.

(2) The full downloaded page weight is 200 kilobytes or less including graphics.

(3) The page contains less than 5% off-site advertisements as measured by screen use.

(4) The page uses no script or other manners of display that pose a possible security threat or are capable of hijacking/impeding the user's browser.

(5) The web page is viewable by all modern browsers at a resolution of 1024x768 and higher.

(6) The web page's topic and wording are suitable for viewing by individuals of all ages.

mega-green :

(1) The same as green but with a maximum of 50 kilobytes of full weight.

(2) Less than 2% of the screen display is used for off-site advertisements.

ultra-green :

(1) The same as mega-green but with no use of graphics. (At present this page is about 10 kilobytes. A lot of information can be shared with 50 kilobytes.)

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